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Product Related Assets

You can download and submit these forms to us


Information to assist you in lodging a complaint.

The complaints page is designed to provide you information to assist you if you need to dispute a decision. The information provided corresponds to the period a policy was issued. Please ensure you have the correct issue date.

Insurance Claims Forms

All the forms you may need can be found here and downloaded for your convenience.

From Claims to Application forms as well as our key fact sheets on policy information.

Product Disclosure Statements

Current and past PDSs can be found and downloaded here.

Find information about all aspects of our products in these documents.

Financial Disclosure Statements

Current and past FSGs can be found and downloaded here.

Financial Service Guide will provide you with information of who we are, the service we offer, who we are associated, our renumeration and how we deal with complaints.

Current Target Market Determination

Current and past TMDs can be found and downloaded here.

TMDs provide you with an understanding of the of the class of customers for which these products have been designed, considering their needs, objectives, and financial situation.

How To Videos - Your Guide to Our Portal

Videos that will assist you in understanding our business.

We created training videos for our clients to be able to understand the workings of our business and our portals.


Find answers to any questions you may still have by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions.

These include the claims processs, payments and cancellations.