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Our Comprehensive Insurance Products

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Insuring your properties is crucial to protect your investments from unforeseen events. Whether you own a rental property or a holiday home, having the right insurance coverage can save you from significant financial losses and stress. Property insurance products ensure that your assets are safeguarded against various risks, providing you with financial security and peace of mind.

Property ownership comes with a variety of responsibilities and potential risks. From natural disasters to accidental damages, the unexpected can happen at any time. Without proper insurance, property owners can face substantial out-of-pocket expenses to cover repairs, legal liabilities or loss of income. Comprehensive insurance plays a vital role, acting as a safety net that protects against these uncertainties.

Our Property Insurance Products

SGUA’s range of insurance policies are extremely broad and comprehensive, designed to cover your investment or holiday property for a full range of defined events and unexpected circumstances.

Our Landlord Property Protection Insurance is tailored for those renting out their properties, providing coverage for a wide array of incidents. This policy includes protection against loss of rent, damage by tenants and various defined events such as fire, storm and theft. It ensures that landlords have peace of mind knowing their investments are safeguarded against unexpected incidents.

For property owners who offer their homes as holiday rentals, our Holiday Property Insurance offers extensive coverage. This policy is designed to protect holiday properties from risks such as accidental damage, theft and natural disasters. Importantly, it includes coverage for loss of rent, but only in circumstances where the property becomes uninhabitable due to an event covered under the policy. To claim loss of rent, there must be a concurrent claim for damages under another section of the policy, such as building, contents or damage caused by tenants. This ensures financial security only when the property is directly impacted and unable to be let.

Both insurance options include additional benefits like legal liability cover and emergency repairs. With SGUA’s policies, property owners can feel confident that their investments are well-protected, whether rented out full-time or as holiday accommodations. Our goal is to provide reliable and comprehensive insurance solutions that cater to the specific needs of each property owner, ensuring they can manage their properties without the worry of unforeseen risks.

Landlord Property Protection

Designed for properties, leased to tenants on a residential lease for periods exceeding 3 months

Holiday Property Protection

Designed for properties either used by the insured as a secondary residence or let out for short term holiday stays not exceeding 3 months

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Unsure of which insurance policy is for you? We offer options for both our full-time rental and holiday insurance products with varying benefits and cover. For more information on each of the products select the View Products button above which contains a brief description of each of our policies and the circumstances under which they may be appropriate.

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For full details on what's covered per product, please read our Product Disclosure Statements.